Herefordshire Junior Football League

Herefordshire Junior League History 

The Herefordshire Junior Football League came into existence first as the Hereford Cub Scout Football League and then as the Junior Friendly League, before adopting its present title.

The Cub Scout League comprised of two divisions; Brownsea Division and Gilwell Division and boasted eight teams.

In 1978 The Herefordshire Junior Friendly League was formed to provide football for 12 year olds who, on leaving the Cub Scout League, had no organised football in the County. Racecourse Colts was one of the eight teams which formed the original league and approximately 150 youngsters participated. It was the foresight of three people – Chairman Bill. Bowkett, Secretary Dave. Higgins and Treasurer John Bevan – which resulted in the formation of the League.

The first President of the League was Graham Rivers and he was succeeded by Tony Cole – a great supporter of Junior football,  and he has been President almost since its foundation. In its infancy, the Management Committee was small enough to meet in Bill. Bowkett’s front room in Backbury Road, but as the League expanded so did the Committee and more space was required. Subsequently the League has been based at Hereford Lad’s Club, Hereford United VP.Club and Bulmers Woodpecker Club before settling at its present home, at the Holmer Road Headquarters of the Herefordshire Group Training Association.       

In 1983 the League affiliated to the Herefordshire Football Association and it was from this date that the League became a major organisation in the County, eventually growing to its present strength with over 2,300 registered players.


       D.F. Higgins           :              W.J. Bowkett     

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